About Nick Casalini

the man who made this website and the man this website is about

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After being born in NYC...

Nick was raised in the swamps of Seattle, moved to Chicago to get funny and now lives in Los Angeles where he took all the headshots you see on this impressive website. He has studied and performed at comedy meccas like iO Chicago, Second City Chicago, The Annoyance, UCB LA, The Groundlings, and the Nerdist School. He does stand up in and around LA most nights of his life. Nick has written and directed many a short film/webseries, and taken his fair share of intriguing selfies. 

With his wife Muriel Montgomery, Nick cohosts the Hella In Your Thirties podcast on the We Are Campfire Podcast Network. Every episode is an adventure deep into the experimental madness people lose themselves in as they attempt to conquer the dirty thirties. 

Nick and Muriel also cocreated and produced Fam Club - a web series about Drake's nerdy brother and sister. The full first season is currently available upon request. Please email famclubwebseries@gmail.com 

Currently Nick has a day job. You can find him there.