In an undisclosed Canadian suburb, global rap superstar Drake hides his darkest secret... his brother and sister! Meet Norman and Genevieve Graham. WINNER Best Web Series - Pan African Film Festival (Los Angeles) WINNER Best Mockumentary Film - Houston Comedy Film Festival Independent Series Awards Nominee: Best Actress Comedy (Muriel Montgomery) and Best Director Comedy (Nick Casalini) OFFICIAL SELECTION Sicily Web Fest - August 2019 NewFilmmakers Created & Written by Muriel Montgomery & Nick Casalini Directed by Nick Casalini Shot by Meghan O'Brien & Kyle McGrath Edited by Muriel Montgomery Produced by Ugly & Delicious and Oscar's Kitchen Filmed in the Baldwin Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles with a cast and crew made up of friends from the LA comedy scene. Starring Randolph Thompson, Tony Tucker & Muriel Montgomery Guest starring Andrew Shannon, Rob O'Connor, Greg Smith, Dwayne Colbert, Stuart Wood, John Loos, Nate Sherman, Christopher Corbin, Katrina Braxton, Rian Kountzhouse, Joseph Porter, Davie-Blue, Daisy Faith, Thomas Hamilton, Sherra Lasley + Tom's Dad Dedicated to Drake Contact:
Every stand up comic fantasizes about reaching legendary status. Mirror Mirror and host Nick Casalini celebrate (and poke fun at) those dreams by diving deep into the souls of comedians as they practice their routines into a mirror while an imaginary crowd goes wild. Created by Nick Casalini. Contact:

LISTERINE ZERO SHOULD BE BANNED!!! Please share this 60 second video and join the fight. Twitter: directed by Muriel Montgomery

Writer/performer duo Nick Casalini & Muriel Montgomery (aka Ugly & Delicious) created Spirits as a way to bridge the gap between the short-form world of comedy and the new golden era of hour-long serial television.

Somewhere south of Seattle... A MIND BENDING JOURNEY! Music by: Balls Out Booze Band 

footage of people freaking out from getting way too high on nutmeg.